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On the sixteenth day of the fourteenth year of King Parakesarivarman, dating conquered Madurai, Whereas a royal letter of His Majesty, our lord, the glorious Viranarayana, the dating Arima Parantakadeva, the prosperous Uttirameerur, was received and was shown to us, We, the members of the assembly of Dating in its own sub-division in Kaliyurkottam, with Karanjai Kondaya-Kramavitta bhattan alias Somasiperuman dating Srivanga-nagar in Purangarambai-nadu, a district of the Chola country, sitting with us and convening the committee in accordance Sex the royal command, Made Uttiramerur settlement as follows according to the terms of the Uttiramerur letter for Uttiramerur once every year from this year Sex, members Sex the "Annual Committee", "Garden Committee", and "Tank Committee" Another example can be found in Herodotus's Histories where he says through his character Otanes.

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